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What follows is an unsolicited biography of award-winning author, Dene Low, written by her non-award-winning husband of nearly 50 years. This is written with great wit and with not the slightest exaggeration by someone known for writing completely factual non-fiction so everything that follows is assured to be the truth and nothing but the truth. The following has been approved by Dene Low. Under some duress and much head shaking and muttering.

Some are convinced that Dene Low (Dene is pronounced Dee-Nee) was born with her fingers poised over a keyboard. If that was true, then the question remains, how did the keyboard obtain power? That definitely gives a whole new meaning to an umbilical cord. All that aside, it is a fact that Dene Low was born.

Something of a child prodigy, she was reading aloud at three months of age and writing serialized novels at six months.

For fun, Dene would read encyclopedias. Whole sets. But not at one time.

She grew up mainly in the Bay Area of California near San Francisco where she developed a taste for international foods and observing people. The proximity to the ocean might have been the cause of her life-long love of swimming and water sports. Or not. The observation of people most certainly gave her ammunition for characters in her numerous novels.

She attended school. Off and on. Mostly on. But she would amble along to school checking out flowers and other sights along the walk and arrive whenever she got there. Still, she was an excellent student. When she applied herself.

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Dene on bike

She was married in her early 20s but, at only five-foot-two and weighing about 100 pounds, her husband was constantly on the lookout not to misplace her. When Dene became frustrated with her husband, she'd climb a ladder and punch him in the knee. That seemed to keep him in line. Not.

Together, they created a tight family unit which included dogs, kids, dogs, dogs, and dogs. Dene adored and adores dogs. After all, they're about her size and weight. She is, however, smarter than dogs. Really.

Marriage and raising a family (and dogs) wasn't enough to keep her very active mind fully engaged so she earned a bachelors and a masters degree in English Literature and English/Creative Writing, respectively, and then went on to earn a doctorate in Communication, Composition, and Rhetoric.

She's now a university professor and has been for years. She teaches others to communicate and write effectively and to understand rhetoric well enough to know when they are being manipulated by advertising, politics, and bureacracy. She is determined to help her students be successful and thus has a devoted and well deserved following.

Laura on Spyder
Dene riding site-on

Although very busy with raising a family while working full-time, either before or after work, when most people would be dragging themselves to a couch or to their beds, Dene would be writing her next novel.

In the meantime, she earned her private pilot license and learned to be a very capable and safe motorcylist. She owned and rode everything from 900cc to 1500cc cruisers and even tried out a Harley but finally settled on the Can Am Spyder, which remains her favorite today. With the magnificant Rocky Mountains within a few minutes of her home and a husband who rides year-round (when the roads are dry), riding remains her primary recreation focus even today.

Having an adventurous spirit, Dene has rock-climbed, done cross-country showshoeing, been an avid spellunker (caver), and she still loves to skin dive.

These days, besides continuing her life-long pursuit of excellence in writing both fiction and nonfiction, riding, and enjoying children, grandchildren, and her dog, she invests time in writing conferences where she's often a speaker and serves on multiple panels. As she can, she also teaches at a local university. And she's kicking off a communications consulting career.

If you're wondering how one person can do all that Dene does, she's already used up all of her allotted time until the year 2055. If you see her, it's probably just the remainder of her image in your time frame.

If you'd like to contact Dene, please fill in the form at the right. She'll respond to you ASAP.


Dene's outtakes

Once upon a time, on a dark and stormy night....

Well, not really. But once upon a time, Dene was going to have a site that was mostly comprised of videos. The video to the left contains outtakes from the introductory video for that no-longer-in-existence site, taken on a bitterly cold day (hence her slurred speech and jumping jacks), showing Dene's fun personality. Enjoy!

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