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I would really like to hear from you on the following topics:

• Your positive reviews of the books we've included on this site so we can add them to the author's page here.

• Authors and up to pg-rated (no F-bombs or lurid sex, please) books which you really enjoy that are such intriguing and/or enjoyable reading that you'd highly recommend them to others along with a short explanation of why you liked each book so much. Be sure to provide author's name and the book title(s) and please make sure the spellings are correct. Can't guarantee that we'll enjoy them as much but, if we do, we'll add them to our site.

• Superior instruction (books or otherwise) for authors to help them hone their craft. Again, we vet everything so no guarantee that your information will be included but we'll certainly look into whatever you suggest.

As you can tell, we (my husband and I) are voracious readers and we always appreciate knowing about great material. Also, we update this site with books that we have read and enjoyed in the hope that others may benefit so please feel free to share your favorites.

Feedback can be entered on the form below.

 Review of existing book on site
 Recommendation for new book to read
 Suggestion for author training
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